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509 photo(s) Updated on: 04 Mar 2024
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  • LABE-283 stalk
  • LABE-328 wet
  • LABE-328
  • #1102
  • #1075 upper
  • KOH
  • KOH
  • KOH
  • left side H2O polarized
  • northeast Olympics
  • 2nd specimen - Image is 310µm across. Color not changed from camera set on auto white balance.
  • Section is 1400µm across. Color not changed from camera set on auto white balance.
  • #4 section of 2nd specimen - couldn’t find asci or spores (asco- or picno-)
  • #3 habit of 2nd specimen (scale for right image in mm).
  • #2 section and spores of 1st specimen
  • #1 habit of 1st specimen (note incipient effigurate. margin at bottom of right image, bar = 1mm) (left image slightly different scale)
  • Cladonia from Josephine Co.
  • clockwise from upper left: large areole with iodine, small areole with iodine, black stuff (cyanobacteria?) micro KOH, small areole with black stuff on surface
  • asci and immature spores of previous image
  • image 1.7cm across
  • apo sxn and spores of previous image
  • image 2.5cm across
  • Deer feeding frenzy, February 2015.
  • NW Lichenologists at work, Dickerson Rocks, Oregon
  • Leptogium gelatinosum apothecia
  • Aspicilia sipeana, apothecial section in polarized light
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