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What is the certification for? Certification demonstrates competency in a particular group of species in a particular region. This includes field and laboratory identification and recognition of rare or listed species. Our initial certification program is for macrolichens in the Pacific Northwest.

Why is there a certification program?

  • to promote and encourage professional development, growth, and renewal
  • to enhance the visibility of the profession
  • to maintain and promote high standards of performance by all members of the profession
  • to publicize and exemplify the Code of Ethics

How can I prepare for certification?

  • Attend classes, trainings, and workshops in lichenology.
  • Read these web pages thoroughly.
  • Study the example questions.
  • Participate in the annual "discussion plot" at the annual general meeting. This is one of the best opportunities to gauge your skills against others before the actual certification.
  • Do practice plots on your own, comparing your results with existing data

What certifications are offered? Our initial certification program is for macrolichens in the oceanic Pacific Northwest (west of the Cascade Crest in Oregon, Washington, northern California, and British Columbia).

We envision 5 or 6 possible certifications: (1) W side macrolichens, (2) W side microlichens, (3) interior macrolichens, (4) interior microlichens, (5) steppe (macro+micro combined), and (6) alpine lichens. These will be added in the future as demand warrants.

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