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Slate Peak, North Cascades, WA (2007)

Participants (alphabetical, some not shown in photo): Melany Bush, Rick Droker, Melissa Duffy, Katie Glew, Dave Kofranek, Walter Lockwood, Jack Massie, Bruce McCune, Jesse Miller, Pat Muir, Peter Neitlich, Therese Olson, Fred Rhoades, Roger Rosentreter, Daphne Stone, Kara Thies, John Villella, Myra Villella, Anora Villella, Dana Visalli, Blake.

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  • Marchantia polymorpha, by Richard Droker
  • Pyrolusite crystals (MnO2), showing dendritic growth on fracture surface. Photo by Richard Droker
  • Silverstar Mtn. (8876') with small glacier on northeast side. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Bruce, Jack, Dave, and Katie (white hat) on Haystack Mountain with the ridge leading to Windy Pass and Tamarack Peak behind to the
  • Jack on Haystack Mt. with Gold Ridge behind to the north... Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Azurite Pk. in the distance. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Point 7370 from Tatie Pk. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • North side of Golden Horn (below). Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Our President lichenizing (below)... Daphne on Haystack Mountain with point 6935 behind to the east. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Psora rubiformis, on Haystack Mountain. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Mosaic of species on rock on Haystack Mt. (below), including Caloplaca saxicola, Umbilicaria cylindrica, Lecanora novomexicana, and Acarospora (Pleopsidium) sp. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Physcia phaea below point 7405 on the way to Tatie Pk. Photo by Richard Droker.
  • Lecanora pseudomellea on the andesite dike (note large plagioclase phenocrysts) below point 7405 on the way to Tatie Pk. Photo by Richard Droker.
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