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Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, Oregon, September 2019

Led by Carla Cole (National Park Service)

Photos contributed by Sunia Yang

News feature in the Daily Astorian:  

We visited sites at the Park (led by Carla) as well as at Mystery Peak and Picture Window near Onion Peak, led by Amy Hutmacher, Project Manager at North Coast Land Conservancy 


Day 1 -- Pannaria rubiginosa (group)

Day 2 -- Amygdalaria sp.

Day 3 -- Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta

8 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Sep 2019
  • Pannaria rubiginosa group with Sticta limbata and Lobaria anthraspis; also the bryophytes Frullania and Orthotrichum
  • Picture Window (in the clouds)
  • Mystery Peak
  • Mystery Peak
  • Fort Clatsop Visitor Center
  • Hypotrachyna sinuosa, bridge near Fort Clatsop
  • Crusts on alder bark, Fort Clatsop

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