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We have new tote bags with the same famous design used on our t-shirts (Letharia artwork by Tanya Harvey,  We will take extra precautions in shipping to avoid contamination with coronavirus. They will be sent by healthy, happy lichenologists! We will send these in heavy cardboard mailers. 

We have two kinds of totes (below), both with a limited supply (We are doing this as a test run, who knows, maybe the last run, so get yours while you can!)

1. Heavy black 100% cotton tote 14" tall x 12.25" wide x 6" deep.

The black bags are made of heavy cotton twill with sturdy handles. 14" tall X 12" wide X 6" deep. Perfect for heavy groceries. Shipping weight 12 oz. $22 each + $3 shipping and handling for 1-10 bags within U.S.

2. Lightweight light blue 100% cotton tote 14" tall x 14.5" wide, at bottom corner folded in to make it 2.5" deep (thus making it only 12" wide if something rectangular put in it).

The blue bags are made of lightweight cotton but are sturdy enough for groceries. Scrunches to fit in your pocket or bag. 14" tall X 14" wide with corners sewn to make 2.5" deep at base. Handles long enough for over-the-shoulder. Shipping weight 7 oz.  $17 each + $3 shipping and handling for 1-10 bags within U.S.

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