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NWL Board of Directors and Officers

The NWL Board of Directors consists of five board members and two alternates.


We welcome your participation, either as a board member or a meeting participant. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact one of the board members and come to our annual board meeting.


Current Board of Directors:

Charity Glade, Sarah Jovan, Scot Loring, Elisa Di Meglio, Amanda Hardman
Alternates: Linda Geiser, Joe Di Meglio

See photos of current and past Board meeting in-person participants.

Current Officers:

Daphne Stone, President
Katie Glew, Vice President
Bruce McCune, Secretary-Treasurer


NW Scientific Association Liaison:

Andrea Pipp and John Villella

Below. Original Board of Directors. Left to right: Abbey Rosso, Bruce McCune, John Davis, Daphne Stone, and Andrea Ruchty

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