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We have only one game so far, so if you can contribute another lichen game, please do so! We have heard other games suggested but they never went beyond the idea stage, such as "lichen golf", and "lichen scavenger hunt".


(© Northwest Lichenologists, 2010) is an exciting new game, designed with lichen nerds in mind, that combines elements of Sudoku, Battleship, and Bingo.

Object: Score as many points as possible by identifying as many Usnea species as possible in three tries with increasing information:
  • 1.       on morphology alone
  • 2.       morphology + spot tests (Spot test results provided. UV results not reported – can check yourself)
  • 3.       morphology + spot tests + TLC results (TLC results provided)

The fastest way to come up to speed on the game is to look at the rules document in combination with the spreadsheet example 5x5 grid.

One thing to note is that unlike regular Sudoku, there is no way to play against yourself. The game is meant to be played with multiple teams. One other caution is that the game organizer needs to spend a fair amount of time in advance preparing the game. In the full game that includes TLCing all the specimens being used, though it would be easy to modify it to leave out the TLC stage. 

We have played the game two times at our spring meetings. Both were raucous, intense sessions!


Word document with rules

Spreadsheet blank with 5x5 grid

Spreadsheet example with 5x5 grid

Spreadsheet example with 4x4 grid

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