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  • 12 Jan 2020 5:03 PM | daphne stone

    Daphne Stone will be teaching a class at the beautiful SFI facility, April 21-23. We'll cover three difficult genera: Melanelia s.l., Bryoria and Peltigera. I'll bring examples of different species and we will practice chemical tests on Bryoria and Melanelia. We always go on field trips to see the lcihens in their habitats. If interested, sign up through Siskiyou Field Institute.

  • 12 Oct 2019 10:11 PM | daphne stone

    October 12-20. Join in the lichenizing for a day, a couple days, or even the full 9 days.  I'm taking the week off to relax with lichens, including both weekends, and am opening this to all who are interested in lichens.  My house in Weaverville, CA will be the primary base of operations, but there will be lots of field excursions. These could even include an overnight hike into the Trinity Alps if there is sufficient interest.  Overall, I expect it to be pretty casual, but if there are particular places you want to go on the days you can make it, let me know and I'll try to schedule some of this out.  I'm going to work on collecting permission where possible, but no guarantees - especially for the wilderness.

    General ideas for excursions:

     - Trinity Alps Wilderness (many locations, short day trips to possible overnight hikes)

     - Trinity River valley bottoms (most humid low elevation areas around)

     - Oak woodlands (Q. garryana) in various valleys or lower hills - some with patches of soil crusts still existing

     - Some intriguing mixed hardwood and conifer stands on steep rocky north-facing slopes along the river

     - Old mining sites where lots of exposed rock has lead to abundant saxicolous lichens that are relatively easy to collect

     - Several easily accessed stands of old growth Douglas Fir

     - Serpentine/peridotite rock and soil... just about whatever elevation you like.

     - A few limestone outcrops - my casual glances thus far haven't seen much, but maybe I'm just not tuned into the right things for this habitat

     - Several peaks around 6000 ft elevation with driving access

     - Possibilities for excursions as far as the coast, Mt. Shasta area, Mt. Lassen area

    Please use this link let me know who to expect for which days:  

    cell: 775-750-4628 

    location in google maps


     - I have one pull-out couch and yard space some tents... first come, first serve.  I think I should limit this to 6 people given our bathroom capacity.

     - Weaverville h/motels (roughly in the order most experienced visitors place them): Weaverville Hotel, Whitmore Inn, 49er Motel, Red Hill Motel, Victorian Inn

     - Several campgrounds within 5-20 miles - note that the one a mile from my house on East Weaver Road is now for group camping only - about $120/night.  This is possible if we have enough interest, but probably not ideal if it is just one or two people using it.

    Eric B. Peterson, Ph. D.
    Research Associate (Lichenologist)

    California Academy of Sciences
    , Dept. Botany
    cell: 775-750-4628

    'regular' work: Trinity River Restoration Program
  • 04 Oct 2019 12:12 PM | daphne stone

    The NW Lichenologists Certification Exam and Training will be held on October 4-6 2019 at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston. This is a wonderful facility in which we will be really comfortable! This is the first time we will hold the exam and training right on the coast, highlighting lichens that require cool moist conditions found there. For details about the Exam, see "Certification" on this website. The Examiners this year are Daphne Stone and Adrienne Kovasi.

    The Training is for those who want to learn more about lichens. We will search a plot together and go through what we find using various keys, with the Examiners to help. We welcome anyone to participate in this training, from scientists to teachers, artists to Agency Botanists.

    Facilities include 2-person apartments and dorm beds, kitchens in the apartments that we will share, and a classroom, all right on the coast. Cost for the exam or training is $100 plus room charge and a small amount for the classroom.

    Please join us for a fun exploration of our coastal lichens and a challenge to aspiring lichenologists. To reserve your spot, register on this website.

  • 17 Sep 2019 9:02 AM | daphne stone

    This year's NWL Foray will be held at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park in Astoria, OR, 17-19 September 2019. This promises to be a really fun outing, with a spectacular array of lichens. We will camp on the lawn of a Park-owned house, with a kitchen and great room available for cooking and our work. Please contact Daphne Stone ( to reserve a spot.

  • 02 Jun 2019 10:00 AM | Jessica Allen

    Join the Spokane-Cheney Lichen Guild for their inaugural lichen walk. We will spend two hours exploring the lichens around the bowl-and-pitcher area at Riverside State Park then have a picnic lunch.

    When: June 2, 2019 @ 10 a.m.

    Where: Riverside State Park Bowl and Pitcher Area, Spokane, WA; east side of the suspension bridge.

    What to bring: A hand lens and lunch.

    Who: All lichen enthusiasts are welcome. This is a free event.

    Contact Jessica Allen if you have any questions about this event:

    Slightly (but not much) more info here:

  • 26 May 2019 10:00 AM | Katherine Glew


    Dr. Katherine Glew will lead a lichen tour in the Cedar River Watershed, east of Seattle, to introduce you to the fascinating lichens of the forest. If you have wondered about what a lichen is and why they are in the forest, this will be a great opportunity to view the lichen diversity in the watershed and learn the names of our most common species. There will be a short classroom session, followed by visits in the watershed, identifying and studying specimens collected from various forest habitats.


    Date: Sunday, May 26, 2019

    Time: 10am to 3pm

    Location: Exit 32 from I-90, 17905 Cedar Falls Rd SE, North Bend, WA

    Bring: a hand lens/magnifying glass and "Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest" - McCune & Geiser

    Cost: $25

    RegistrationNot yet posted. Keep a watch on:

    Programs and Tours - Natural History 2019.

  • 18 May 2019 9:00 AM | Katherine Glew

    This field trip is part of the 2019 Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) Study Weekend. You must be a member to participate.

    We will walk through a maritime forest to the summit of Goose Rock (by Deception Pass), viewing lichens along the way. Many lichens will be found in along the trail and forest floor. There are several locations with lichen mats (Cladonia sp., reindeer lichen) worth stopping for study. We will find lichens that grow on salal leaves (Gualtheria shallon) – folicolous lichens (Fellhanera sp.). The exposed summit site includes a number of lichens that are typically associated with alpine habitats. There will be many crustose species on the rocks and others growing amongst the vegetation. Goose Rock summit will provide a fantastic opportunity to see lichen diversity and learn some of the more common species found in the area. The view is spectacular. Bring a camera or use your smart phone to take images of the islands and lichens. A hand lens or magnifying glass will enhance your lichen experience.

    Description for WNPS Study Weekend

    Scroll to the bottom of the posting and click on:

    1. SW 2019-field-trip-descriptions.1.2319

    This is a pdf.

    Lichen Field Trip Number 111

  • 16 Feb 2019 11:00 AM | Katherine Glew

    The Rockport Interpretive Center, along Hwy 20 in Washington State, will host a presentation on lichens by Dr. Katherine Glew, Associate Curator from the University of Washington Herbarium, Burke Museum of Natural History.

    Dr. Glew will introduce lichens through photos and live material. The importance of lichens in the forest and all environments will be discussed. We will walk through the forest to view lichens​ on rocks and hanging from trees.

    Fun lichen facts will be shared, such as using them for creating the dyes in Scottish kilts and the making of lichen schnapps in Iceland. Did you know that lichens can be used as indicators of air pollution? They also have medicinal properties that have been use over centuries. Join me in discovering these fascinating fungi that form partnerships with green algae and cyanobacteria.

    The event will happen between 11 and 2pm.

    Bring a hand lens/magnifying glass, water and a snack. Dress for rain - frequently occurring in Rockport at that time of the year.  ;-)

    For more information, visit:¬if_id=1549127625522644


    Fourth item down. 

  • 22 Jan 2019 4:41 PM | scot loring

    Hello Northwest Lichenologists and enthusiasts,

    It is that time of year again – the call for contributions to the 2019 Northwest Lichenologists Newsletter!


    We would like to see contributions from the following areas:


    Recent publications and web sites

    Results from forays and field trips

    Upcoming workshops/courses offered

    New and interesting lichen species

    Project descriptions and results – current and proposed

    Short communications, articles

    Short biographies

    Lichen jobs being advertised for the upcoming year

    We encourage interesting photos or links to web sites. If you would like to submit a short paper, keep in mind that it must already be edited for spelling and punctuation. As editors, we work on the formatting of submissions for the newsletter. We cannot accept papers that need grammatical revising.


    Besides the above suggestions, we will consider anything relating to northwest lichenology that you can think of – including artwork, poetry, photography, etc.

    Please send your submissions to Scot Loring <

    Submissions will generally be placed in their applicable section of the newsletter in the order received. Please pass this e-mail on if you know of someone who is interested but does not receive postings on NWL servers. We would like to receive any submissions by March 1, 2019.  Any entries received after that date will likely be placed in the 2020 newsletter.  Apologies for any multiple copies of this message, as we use multiple mailing lists.


    Scot Loring



    Find us on Facebook

  • 20 Jan 2019 10:46 AM | John Villella

    SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2019 – SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019

    The Opal Creek old-growth forest provides prime habitat for hundreds of species of lichens, mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. Lichens and bryophytes are invaluable to forest ecosystems – and many species are only found in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest. Join us in investigating these extraordinary species that merit greater attention as indicators of air quality and forest health. This workshop is well-suited to expand upon a baseline knowledge of lichens and bryophytes, and will be particularly helpful for professionals in the field. to register

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