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  • 06 Feb 2017 12:59 PM | daphne stone

    Daphne Stone will lead a Wetland Wander focusing on lichens for WREN on 8 March, 9-11 am. The walk will be at Wild Iris Ridge. For directions, go to the WREN website and look for the walk announcement listed as Jan 10 2017. Walk was postponed until March due to weather. All are welcome.

  • 06 Feb 2017 12:58 PM | daphne stone

    Daphne Stone will lead her annual lichen walk at Mount Pisgah near Eugene, on 18 February, 10-noon, rain or shine. Free to members, small fee or donation from non-members.

  • 20 Jan 2017 12:07 PM | scot loring

    Hello Northwest Lichenologists and enthusiasts,

    It is that time of year again – the call for contributions to the 2017 Northwest Lichenologists Newsletter!


    We would like to see contributions from the following areas:


    Recent publications and web sites

    Results from forays and field trips

    Upcoming workshops/courses offered

    New and interesting lichen species

    Project descriptions and results – current and proposed

    Short communications, articles

    Short biographies

    Lichen jobs being advertised for the upcoming year

    We encourage interesting photos or links to web sites. If you would like to submit a short paper, keep in mind that it must already be edited for spelling and punctuation. As editors, we work on the formatting of submissions for the newsletter. We cannot accept papers that need grammatical revising.


    Besides the above suggestions, we will consider anything relating to northwest lichenology that you can think of – including artwork, poetry, photography, etc.

    Please send your submissions to Scot Loring <

    Submissions will generally be placed in their applicable section of the newsletter in the order received.  Please pass this e-mail on if you know of someone who is interested but does not receive postings on NWL servers. We would like to receive any submissions by March 1, 2017.  Any entries received after that date will likely be placed in the 2018 newsletter.  Apologies for any multiple copies of this email, as we use multiple mailing lists.


    Scot Loring



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  • 17 Jan 2017 11:44 AM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    Photo Contest: Do you have a great photo showing a person or people admiring, using, sampling, studying, or otherwise interacting with lichens? Enter the 2017 NWL "Lichens and People Photo Contest". To enter, submit your photo and a caption to the NWL website. Post your photo on the Photo Gallery page:


    Your caption should begin, "Lichens and People:... " (so that we know it is a contest entry)


    Note that you must be signed up as a NWL participant in order to post a photo to the gallery.


    The contest runs from January 15 through March 15.  Photo resolution should be sufficient for full-screen viewing (about 10 x 14 inches at 150 dpi -- note that this is much lower resolution than most cameras these days).  Please include the photographer/organization to be credited. By submission you agree to give permission for your photo to be used for educational and nonprofit purposes beyond this contest. Winner(s) will be announced on March 15 and will receive an official NWL hat and patch.


    Maximum of two submissions per participant.

  • 01 Jan 2017 12:00 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    Announcing Eagle Hill Institute seminars on lichenology in 2017
    On the coast of Eastern Maine, just east of Acadia National Park

    May 21-27 ... Crustose Lichens of the Acadian Forest ... Stephen Clayden

    Jun 4-10 ... Undergraduate Field Studies: Introduction to Bryophytes and Lichens ... Fred Olday
    Jul 2-8 ... Lichens and Lichen Ecology ... David Richardson and Mark Seaward

    Jul 23-19 ... Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone ... Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull

    Aug 6-12 ... Independent Studies: Interesting and Challenging Saxicolous Lichens of North America ... Alan Fryday

    The following general flyer has links to individual lichen seminar flyers ...

    For general information …

  • 01 Jan 2017 8:53 AM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    The NW Lichenologists calendar for next year is now available.


    The coming year's calendar highlights the spectacular photography of Richard Droker.

    This 11 x 8.5 inch wall calendar, opening to 11 x 17 inches, has one month per page and a photo of a charismatic lichen on the facing page. This is a limited edition, first come, first serve. A list of lichens included is given on the NWL website's calendar page.

    You can order this online from the NWL store

    Cost: $12 per calendar.

    Shipping & handling: within U.S. 1 to 10 calendars ship for $3, flat rate (USD). 
    Shipping & handling outside of U.S. 1 to 10 calendars ship for $20, flat rate (USD).

    If you will be in Corvallis, you can buy one directly from me (Bruce) with no shipping costs.

    Please support NW Lichenologists and help to educate the world about the beauty of lichens by purchasing this calendar.

  • 25 Sep 2016 9:53 AM | daphne stone

             This fall a four-day, intermediate level bryophyte identification workshop will be offered at the Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River, Oregon. The class will meet Monday through Thursday, September 25—30. Assembly will start Sunday evening by checking into a room at the Andrews Experimental Forest and setting up in the classroom. This workshop is designed for participants with a strong botany background and a general knowledge of the basics of bryophyte structure and life cycles. Folks who have some experience identifying bryophytes can expect to kick their level of competence with the regional flora up a notch or two. 

         The class involves four days of integrated lectures, field study and lab practice. A classroom with good microscope bench space for all students is available. Students are asked to bring their own microscopes and critical dissecting tools.

         The focus of this workshop will be an intensive training in using the contemporary identification keys pertinent to our area.  Primary attention will be directed to mastering Contributions Toward a Bryoflora of California: II A Key to the Mosses  (D. Norris and J. Shevock, Madroño 2004) with attention also given to Elva Lawton's 1971 Moss Flora of the Pacific Northwest. The two moss volumes of the Flora of North America will be on hand as well as other texts. Identification of liverworts and hornworts will emphasize Contributions toward a Bryoflora of California: III Keys …for Liverworts and Hornworts ( W. Doyle and R. Stotler, Madroño 2006) and the just formally published Guide to the Liverworts of Oregon (D.H. Wagner, Northwest Botanical Institute 2014). Using electronic keys will be demonstrated with time for in-class practice by students with laptop computers.

          Participants will receive a generous selection of valuable, mostly unpublished material, both printed and in digital format. They will get a comprehensive review of online resources and the most useful current literature from other parts of the world, too. An ample selection of study specimens will be provided. Participants will be taught lab techniques needed to observe the features used in keying with supervised practice of these techniques. More advanced students are encouraged to bring challenging or critical specimens for supervised study. 

    There are apartments for students on site. Cost is very reasonable: $25 per night with your own linens and sleeping bag. Linens (sheets and towels) are only $10 for the duration. The stay will involve five nights, arriving Sunday, September 25 and leaving on Friday morning, September 30. Staying on site means we can have evening sessions in the classroom and socialize in the apartment common area. You will need to be able to feed yourself. The apartment kitchen is furnished with pots and pans and utensils. We’ll work together and eat together.

    Cost is $350 plus Andrews apartment fees. Space is limited; early inquiry is recommended. Please contact me directly at

    David H. Wagner, Ph.D.

    Northwest Botanical Institute

    P.O. Box 30064

    Eugene, OR 97403-1064

  • 27 Aug 2016 9:00 AM | Katherine Glew
    Conversation opened. 1 read message.

    Lichens are a vital yet overlooked part of the ecology in our urban areas.  Seattle has its very own lichenologist, Dr. Katherine Glew, who has researched lichens in Norway, the Russian Far East, and throughout Washington State.  She will discuss lichens; explain what they are, how they grow, and the common types found in the urban ecosystem.  She will also address common lichens found in Seattle and discuss what their existence tells us about your plants and air quality.  Bring your hand lens if you have one, since there will be plenty of lichens to find. We will spend part of the day in Washington Park Arboretum/UW Botanical Garden.

    Displaying Urban Lichens NCI 6-2015.doc.
    We will meet in the morning at the UW Botanic Gardens and locate common urban lichens. In the afternoon we will move to Hitchcock Hall, on campus, to examine lichens in further detail.

    Offered through the North Cascades Institute.

  • 11 Aug 2016 6:06 PM | daphne stone

    Here is the new address for the 2016 WA heritage program rare lists. I expect that Bruce will put this address in the resources list when he has time.

  • 16 Jun 2016 9:09 PM | daphne stone

    It is hard to stop sending updates about  the Portland moss study but the PNWRS Donavan, Jovan et al.  did a beautiful job with the supplementary report and interactive page.  Their website about this study is a very nice example of colorful, attractive communications and easy data access to promote a science-based understanding of urban air quality.   Check out the interactive Web map of metal profiles in Portland.   I understand Rick Graw (R6 air program) provided a timely review, nice!




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