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Rare Lichens and Rare Bryos book ordering info

  • 17 Feb 2022 4:10 PM
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    Rare Lichens of Oregon ($30) and Rare Bryophytes of Oregon ($42) books are still available from the Northwest Oregon District office of the Bureau of Land Management at 1717 Fabry Rd SE Salem, OR 97302. The office is mostly closed during Covid but you can call (503) 375-5646 or email to obtain a copy.

    There are also order forms available from the ISSSSP website at: and

    could we put this info under the Resources tab?

  • 18 Feb 2022 7:44 AM
    Reply # 12610084 on 12608778
    Bruce McCune (Administrator)


  • 08 Jun 2022 10:23 PM
    Reply # 12810792 on 12608778

    Trying to get these books has been quite the exercise in endurance (and I still don't have them). It took months to get a hold of anyone at BLM Salem from the contact information at this site When I finally did, I put in an order for 2 copies of Rare Lichens. Then after three weeks it didn't arrive. I called them back and the new person I spoke with didn't really know what I was talking about and gave me a number that led me to a dead-end messaging system that required a party's extension. I called them back and then they gave me someone's email who "probably" took my order. I emailed them and the person told me they'd "get them in the mail". Another two weeks past and I still didn't receive the books. I emailed the person again. It's been a week and they still haven't responded.

    Obtaining these books is seemingly as rare as the lichens themselves. Caveat emptor to anyone trying to get a copy. Anyone have a private stash?

  • 09 Jun 2022 4:32 AM
    Reply # 12810889 on 12608778

    Oh, no! I’m very sorry. Please email me at and I will get these to you. I’ll follow up with the person who is supposed to be filling these orders and if they’re not being properly routed to him I’ll change the contact info to mine so I can make sure they’re getting sent.

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