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Vol. 2 in Monograph series

14 Oct 2014 7:36 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

We a pleased to announce that we now have in hand volume 2 of Monographs in North American Lichenology, entitled Montana Lichens: An Annotated List.

Why would a non-Montanan lichenologist want one?

This is the first comprehensive summary of the occurrence, literature references, and ecological context for lichens in any state or province in the Pacific Northwest or northern Rocky Mountains. Because we also include reports from adjoining states and provinces, the book should be useful in a broad area. The monograph will be an invaluable reference for people delving into crustose lichens.
So far, a total of 1074 species are documented from Montana. Of these, 283 species are new for the state and 19 are new to North America. We discuss the rare, threatened, and endangered lichens of Montana. Priorities for surveys and monitoring are evaluated by placing species in one of eight categories, based on all combinations of global rarity, ease of detection, and habitat vulnerability.

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