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NW Lichenologists Certification Exam and Training

04 Oct 2019 12:12 PM | daphne stone

The NW Lichenologists Certification Exam and Training will be held on October 4-6 2019 at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston. This is a wonderful facility in which we will be really comfortable! This is the first time we will hold the exam and training right on the coast, highlighting lichens that require cool moist conditions found there. For details about the Exam, see "Certification" on this website. The Examiners this year are Daphne Stone and Adrienne Kovasi.

The Training is for those who want to learn more about lichens. We will search a plot together and go through what we find using various keys, with the Examiners to help. We welcome anyone to participate in this training, from scientists to teachers, artists to Agency Botanists.

Facilities include 2-person apartments and dorm beds, kitchens in the apartments that we will share, and a classroom, all right on the coast. Cost for the exam or training is $100 plus room charge and a small amount for the classroom.

Please join us for a fun exploration of our coastal lichens and a challenge to aspiring lichenologists. To reserve your spot, register on this website.

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