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Call for 2015 NWL Newsletter Contributions‏‏‏‏

12 Jan 2015 4:50 PM | scot loring


Hello Northwest Lichenologists and enthusiasts,

It is that time of year again – the call for contributions to the 2015 Northwest Lichenologists Newsletter!

We would like to see contributions from the following areas:

Recent publications and web sites
Results from forays and field trips
Upcoming workshops/courses offered
New and interesting lichen species
Project descriptions and results – current and proposed
Short communications, articles

Short biographies

Lichen jobs being advertised for the upcoming year

We encourage interesting photos or links to web sites. If you would like to submit a short paper, keep in mind that it must already be edited for spelling and punctuation. As editors, we work on the formatting of submissions for the newsletter. We cannot accept papers that need grammatical revising.

Besides the above suggestions, we will consider anything relating to northwest lichenology that you can think of – including artwork, poetry, photography, etc.

Please send your submissions to Scot Loring <

Submissions will generally be placed in their applicable section of the newsletter in the order received.  Please pass this e-mail on if you know of someone who is interested but does not receive postings on the NWL server. We would like to receive any submissions by February 20th.  Any entries received after that date will likely be placed in the 2016 newsletter.  Apologies for any multiple copies of this email, as we use multiple mailing lists.


Scot Loring


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