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509 photo(s) Updated on: 04 Mar 2024
  • subalpine fir, northwest Olympic Mountains, 940m,
  • KOH
  • KOH
  • both H2O
  • similar to previous image "in places many "columns"...but focused differently
  • question in Forum to follow
  • KOH
  • in places many "columns" of cells extending down to the hypothecium, darker and thicker than paraphyses elsewhere, and with moniliform upper cells (resemble Nostoc?, difficult to follow due narrow dof
  • (too thick)
  • 1992 Geo Metro in Seattle.
  • large thallus about 3cm diameter
  • spores 1-sep, brown, ave 18x11u
  • view full size
  • along edge of hood
  • Nodobryoria abbreviata
  • Letharia columbiana
  • Letharia on weathered snag.
  • Hypogymnia imshaugii
  • Bryoria fuscescens
  • peculiar Graphis scripta
  • Short of time - got one handheld shot of this. Hadn’t seen lirallae arranged in such a parallel manner before. (Note larger lenticles on bark of the yellow birch, Betula alleghaniensis.)best view 100%
  • Think its on sugar maple, Acer saccharum, at the northern limit of its range.
  • The forest at (I think) Macintosh Brook.
  • Usnea longissima
  • Usnea longissima
  • AB Biodiversity Monitoring Institute Tech Appreciation Cupcakes - lichens, bryos & inverts
  • Haughland 2018-304 YT lichen
  • Haughland 2018-304 YT lichen
  • U. phaea var phaea

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