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Certification -- Macrolichens west of the Cascade crest

  • 04 Oct 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • 06 Oct 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston Oregon
  • 5


  • Written + practical certification exam OR training administered by certified NWL examiners/instructors. Certification attempts can be repeated in the future and should be viewed as educational regardless of the outcome.
  • Practice field plot and ID with expert assistance. raining is for those interested in learning more about lichens or who plan to be certified in the future.

Registration is closed

This is our every-other-year west-side certification, open to anyone.

Registration is open from April 14 to Sept. 27, 7 days before the event. Payment is required for registration.

For more general information on the certification program and format, please see the Certification pages on the NWL website.

The exam is offered every two years, and the location is changed each year, so this will be a great opportunity to be certified in Oregon. After this year, the next exam will be held in 2021, and will probably be in Washington.

The NWL Certification Exam will take place 4-6 October at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, in Charleston OR. The exam will be challenging but rewarding, with the opportunity to find some strictly coastal species. As in recent years, we will also offer this event as a learning experience, teaching newcomers to the field of lichenology how to identify lichens as well as a bit about their ecology and importance. Examiners are Daphne Stone and Adrienne Kovasi.

THIS YEAR: You can choose to attend the certification as a training, instead of an exam with certification. You will still collect lichens on the plot but after collection, you will work through your identifications with help from the examiners, both lichenologists. This gives you a chance to learn how to work on difficult genera. Relevant literature will be shared with these trainees.

HOUSING: OIMB rents very nice multi-bedroom apartments, dorm rooms, and cottages. Details to come later.

TIMING: Check in Friday evening, Oct 4. Exam starts 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct 5, finishes by 4 p.m. on Sunday.

COST:  Cost will be about $100 (to be paid on this website) plus lodging and facility rental ($81) for a total of US$181. Cost and registration are the same whether you are doing the training or the certification.

WHY DO IT? Lichen Certification is a valuable addition to your resume, agency botanists and private contracting companies view it as a plus when considering who gets federal contracts and internal jobs.

LODGING details:  Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. Cottages hold several participants and each cottage has a shared kitchen and multiple bedrooms. Attendees should bring and prepare their own meals or walk down the street to a restaurant.


Also bring:

  • books and references
  • extension cord
  • dissecting scope
  • lamp for your scope
  • tools and chemicals (DS will have a set of chemicals but if you have our own, bring them)
  • collection equipment
  • paper for clean packets (can be recycled 1 side)
  • food for yourself (shared kitchens)
  • snacks and drinks for the identification day!

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