Northwest Lichenologists

Ellensburg 2004

Back row standing, L to R: Linda Krippner, JohnVillela, Rick Demmer, Mack Darrack, John Davis, Bruce McCune, Christopher Barnes, Darryl Ianni, Joanne Armson.
Middle row standing, L to R: (red hat, shaded is ?), Roger Rosentreter, Lynell Deines, Joselyn Fensternnacker, Dana Ericson, Jeannne Ponzetti, Gayle McHenry Teller.
Front row sitting, L to R: Katie Glew, Terri Knoke, Erin Martin, Terry McIntosh, Emily Holt, Lindsay Connelins, Kate Keck.

Please send corrections: I think I may have the back row a bit scrambled

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Photo by Jim Riley.

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