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  • comparison photo one year growth Punctelia subrudecta

comparison photo one year growth Punctelia subrudecta

  • 23 Mar 2019 6:12 PM
    Message # 7241614

    See posted comparison photo

    slower growth than I would have expected

    also posting nearby Physconia  isidiigera or P. enteroxantha

    would have thought P. enteroxantha more likely in this location, but more resembles P. isidiigera (coarseness of soredia, etc.) in other photos online

    walking California Ave (busy street) in W Seattle today (3/24/2019) surprised to see fair amount of Physconia on street trees (guess it just wasn't on my radar before) - will get specimen to determine species

    amount of soralia (polluted area?) for both interests me

    unless I got identification wrong for the Physconia the amount of soralia seems very large vs. other photos I find online

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  • 24 Mar 2019 7:27 PM
    Reply # 7242646 on 7241614
    Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    Interesting. We could probably learn a lot from this kind of comparison through time. I have just posted one that shows backyard Parmelia sulcata transplants over 1 year, on embroidery hoops with part-synthetic fabric, the transplants initially glued on with clear silicone sealer. There is a fair amount of action with some parts growing quickly, others dying, and others relatively unchanging.

  • 26 Mar 2019 11:05 PM
    Reply # 7247089 on 7241614

    Posting 2 photos Parmeliopsis 20 months apart. (May have posted this before.) Had only looked at overall size increase, but now will look for other action, (P. ambigua seems healthier in the older photo).

    Came across neat use of photos at intervals - Stone and McCune 1990 Annual Branching in the Lichen Evernia prunastri in Oregon. The Bryologist 93:32-36

    Vague recollection of a Lichen Cam online, or is it a false memory?

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