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  • 18 Apr 2021 9:20 PM
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    Sunia Yang and I have been working on a website to aid in the identification of lichenicolous fungi in the northwest. It is now up and running, see the Resources tab above, Literature and Links, and then it's the third link. Or go to The Lichenicolous Fungi of the Pacific Northwest (

    The main part of the site is the "Find Records" page. This will allow the user to choose a lichen genus or species. The output will show all the lichenicolous fungi that have been reported on that taxon in the literature for the Pacific Northwest. We have also included records from our own searches. After the lichenicolous fungus name is a brief description (type of fruiting structure, spore/conidium shape and size, etc.) and a reference where more information can be found.

    To find out about other aspects of the site see the "More about this site" page.



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