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  • 06 Apr 2015 7:54 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    For those who attended the field trips near Pasco, Washington, here are my locality data. Corrections are welcome.

    April 3:

    Gentle slope with old Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata

    suburban fringe between the end of Evanslee Court and I-182,


    Elevation: 205 m       46.24785o N 119.33042oW  Datum: WGS84


    April 4:

    Lower slope with Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata and basalt outcrops and erratics, Saddle Mountain, ca. 20 km W of Othello

    Elevation: ca. 225 m     46.8077o N 119.4026oW  Datum: WGS84


    grassy, rocky ridge with basalt outcrops

    Saddle Mountain, ca. 20 km W of Othello

    Elevation: ca. 352 m     46.8032o N 119.4010oW  Datum: WGS84


  • 28 Mar 2015 2:58 PM | Katherine Glew

    Lichens are a vital yet overlooked part of the ecology in our urban areas. 

    Dr. Katherine Glew will introduce lichens, explain what they are and how they grow.  She will also address common lichens found in Seattle and provide a list. You will find out what their presence in the city tells us about your plants and air quality. Bring your hand lens if you have one, since there will be plenty of lichens to find. We will spend part of the day in Washington Park Arboretum, University of Washington Botanical Garden. To Study lichens in more detail, we will have an opportunity to use microscopes to see their fascinating details.

    Katherine Glew has researched lichens in Norway, the Russian Far East, and throughout Washington State.  

    Date: Saturday, June 20

    Time: 9:00am - 4pm

    Location: Washington Park Arboretum and Hitchcock Hall, University of Washington campus.

    Tuition:  $95

  • 28 Mar 2015 2:16 PM | Katherine Glew
    Dr. Katherine Glew will lead a lichen tour in the Cedar River Watershed, east of Seattle to introduce the fascinating lichens of the forest. If you have wondered about what a lichen is and why they are in the forest, this will be a great opportunity to view the lichen diversity in the watershed and learn the names of our most common species. There will be a short classroom session, followed by visits in the watershed, identifying and studying specimens collected from various forest habitats.

    Date: Sunday, June 14

    Time: 10am to 3pm

    Bring: a and lens and a few paper bags for collecting

    Cost:  $20

  • 17 Mar 2015 2:32 PM | Roger Rosentreter
    The Colorful World of Lichens •

    Naturalist Certificate • Adults, Kids 12+ Instructors: Roger Rosentreter PhD and Ann DeBolt

    Date: Saturday-Sunday, April 18-19, 2015

    Location: Deer Creek Center, Selma Tuition: $110 From meadows to woodlands, lichens find homes on many different substrates, including rocks, soil, humus, stumps and trees. Explore their colorful world on a series of hikes and excursions throughout the valley. Students will become familiar with these small plants’ distinguishing structures both in the classroom and during outdoor sessions. They’ll learn common lichens of the bioregion and explore the ecology and cultural uses of these symbiotic plants. 
  • 12 Mar 2015 12:20 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    This summer, the Eagle Hill Institute (Steuben, Maine) is offering several one week-long workshops that may be of interest to your group (see below). Eagle Hill field courses are of special interest because they focus on the natural history of one of North America’s most spectacular and pristine natural areas, the coast of eastern Maine from Acadia National Park to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge and beyond. Our summer field courses are taught by experts in their respective fields. Course participants include beginning to advanced amateurs, graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, professional field biologists, university professors, and personnel from federal and state agencies and numerous environmental organizations.

    Eagle Hill’s Summer Field Courses 2015

    Taught in Steuben, Me by experts from the United States, Canada, and Europe

    For general program information, go to
    For more information, contact Marilyn Mayer:    or    207-546-2821

    June 21 – June 27       Lichens and Lichen Ecology
                                             David Richardson and Mark Seaward

    June 28 – July 4           Crustose Lichens: Identification using Morphology, Anatomy, and SimpleChemistry
     Irwin Brodo

    July 5 – July 11            Calicioid Lichens and Fungi of the Acadian Forest
                                             Steven Selva

    Aug 16 – Aug 22          Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone
    Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull

    Aug 30    Sept 5        How to Know the Lichen Genus Cladonia and Its Parasites
    Richard Harris

  • 09 Mar 2015 7:55 AM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    The March 2015 newsletter has just been posted on the NW Lichenologists website.

  • 11 Feb 2015 3:28 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    The deadline for abstracts for talks or posters at the NWSA/NWL meeting has been extended to Feb. 28. See

  • 27 Jan 2015 6:42 PM | Bruce McCune (Administrator)

    Jenny von Reis sent the following information to me on the upcoming field trip at the NWL/NWSA meeting in early April: "The present plan for the lichenology field trip on 4 April 2015 is to lichenize in the Saddle Mountains, with a small group driving on the road through the Monument to the ridge and heading west; and a larger group traveling from the east, west on Crab Creek Rd and stopping at outcroppings and walking uphill as desired. "

    These should be interesting spots, a nice supplement to an interesting meeting. For more information, see the Events section. NW Scientific Association is hosting the meeting, so please find meeting details on their website.

  • 26 Jan 2015 12:40 PM | John Villella (Administrator)

    Saturday Feb 28th 2015, The Siskiyou Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon is sponsoring a hike to Upper Table Rock near Medford. The focus of the hike is to observe lichens, bryophytes and terrestrial algae. This is a great time to visit Upper Table Rock as it is prime time for ephemeral bryophytes, and terrestrial algae associated with the vernal pools on the top of the rock. Some lichenological highlights include: vagrant forms of Xanthoparmelia and Dermatocarpon, and local rarities such as Parmelina and Peltula.  Also there is a chance to observe early flowering wildflowers and there should be fairy shrimp in the pools.   Meet at Shop n' Kart in Ashland at 9:30 AM or the Upper Table Rock parking lot at 10 AM. The hike will be led by John Villella. 

    Hope to see ya there!

  • 23 Jan 2015 11:15 AM | daphne stone

    The 2015 NW Lichenologists West Side Certification Exam will take place at H. J. Andrews Forest 10-11 October, 2015. Examiners are Daphne Stone and Amanda Hardman.

    The cost will be $25 per bed per night plus the classroom for $55 per day. That translates into $61 (for room) per examinee if 10 people come. The exam itself costs $100 which pays for the examiners to review the written exam and check the specimens collected on the exam plot.

    Andrews will be flexible for everyone's eating - everyone can cook their own food in the apartment kitchens, and eat when they like. There is camping nearby at Andrews if the beds are too expensive for some.

    We also offer the use of the exam as a training. For those who feel they aren't ready to take the exam, you can participate in the field collection and identification  with help in the field and in the lab from the examiners. The cost is the same as for the exam.

    Registration for this exam closes July 31. Please register as soon as possible so we can reserve enough beds.

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